Incident Reports

Complaint against Luring Girl into Marriage


Province 1, Bhojpur, Tyamkemaiyung

Khotang,Baalvivah garaunalaai karyavaahiko maag. Khotang/May 18 Father of a 13-year-old girl has filed a complaint against four persons at the District Police Office on May 18 accusing them of luring her into marrying a 21-year-old man of Bhojpur. Ram Bahadur Sarki, 38, of Temma VDC-6 demanded action against locals Prem Kumar Sarki, 51, Hari Sarki, 25, Nitu Sarki, 21, and Manoj Sarki, of Annapurna VDC-2 in Bhojpur. Sarki, in his complaint, stated that the accused lured her of marriage and sent her with Manoj Sarki while no one was at her home on April 15. He has demanded action against the accused and appealed to return his daughter. The girl is a seventh grader at Shanti Secondary School in Temma VDC-7. ASI Manoj Yadav of the DPO said that original copy of the complaint would be sent to the DPO Bhojpur to initiate action against the accused. He said that there is a provision of three months to one year imprisonment and a fine of five thousand rupees in general code in case a girl below 14 years is found to have been married.