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Local Urges DAO to Initiate Release of His land Captured by CPN-M


Province 1, Khotang, Lamidanda

Khotang, CPN-M dwara jagga kabja gari gadiyeko jhanda hatauna maag. Chandra Singh Basnet, 62, of Dumredharapani VDC-9 has requested District Administration Office on June 18 of remove the flag hoisted by CPN-M in his land and security for him. According to him, the CPN-M cadres had declared capture of his nearly 40 ropanis of land at the banks of Rawa River in Dumredharapani VDC-5 with the plots number 47, 48, 58, 61, 59, and 63 on May 6, 2013. Basnet said that locals Dinnath Pandey, Tula Bahadur Magar, Dilli Bahadur Magar, Ram Kumar BK and Bhawakrishna Pandey are cultivating in his land adding he was displaced from his village after he received death threat for protesting the CPN-M move. On June 21, 2-13, the party cadres had made an agreement in front of local political leaders and INSEC district representative at District Police Office that Basnet would use the land as per the old registration documents and record of the land survey office and to remove the flag within seven days. However, the cadres looted paddy planted by land tenant Menuka Niraula of Dumredharapani VDC-7 a month later. The tenant farmers were threatened by the party cadres- Dhiran Budhathoki and Sunil Chaulagain if they complained to the police. The CPN-M cadres claimed that the land being used by local farmers was captured by Basnet and that the land would remain with them until dispute over the land is over. CDO Govinda Adhikari said that the original application was sent to the police to bring both sides together to discuss and resolve the issue. DM Chamling नेकपा-माओवादीले आफ्नो जग्गा कब्जा गरी झण्डा गाडेर भोगचलन गर्न नदिएको भन्दै डुम्रेधारापानी गाविस-९ का ६२ वर्षीय चन्द्रसिंह बस्नेतले आफ्नो भण्डा हटाउन र जीउधनको सुरक्षा माग गर्दै जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय दिक्तेलमा असार ४ गते उजुरी दिएका छन् । आफूले भोगचलन गर्दै आएको डुम्रेधारापानी-५ स्थित रावाखोला किनारामा रहेको कित्ता नं. ४७, ४८, ५८, ६१, ५९ र ६३ गरी करीब ४० रोपनी जग्गा नेकपा-माओवादीका कार्यकर्ताहरुले ०७० वैशाख २३ गते झण्डा गाडेर कब्जा गरेपछि हालसम्म पनि भोगचलन गर्न नदिई उल्टै मार्ने धम्की दिएको उजुरीमा उल्लेख छ । कब्जा जग्गामा स्थानीयहरु ४६ वर्षीय दिननाथ पाण्डे, ४७ वर्षीय तुलाबहादुर मगर, ४४ वर्षीय डिल्लीबहादुर मगर, ५२ वर्षीय रामकुमार विक र ४९ वर्षीय भवकृष्ण पाण्डेले भोगचलन गर्दै आएको र उक्त जग्गाको विषयलाई लिएर मार्ने धम्की दिएपछि आफू विस्थापित भएको उनको भनाई छ । माओवादीले जग्गा कब्जा गरेको विषयमा ०७० असार ७ गते जिल्ला प्रहरी कार्यालय दिक्तेलम


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