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Police Accused of Refusing to File FIR


orgSMS Alert:Kanchanpur, balika apaharankari biruddhama prahari le muddha darta garney namaneko gunaso. The family members of Nazja Kureshi, 16, of Dodhara VDC-7 have accused the police of refusing to file an FIR against those involved in the abduction of the girl. They organized a press conference in Dhangadhi on June 20 informing that six people were involved in the incident. Their FIR against the accused abductors was rejected by District Police Office, Dhagadh. The girl was abducted on June 10 as she had gone to the market to buy vegetables. The accused abductors are Ram Bahadur Singh, Ganga Singh, Malla Singh, Chand Raj Adhikari and Jaggi Butha. The girl’s father had filed an FIR and resume the next day for work. The family members complained that the police failed to heed to their information about her finding. SP Mohan Raj Joshi said that the police were investigating whether the girl was really abducted. The reason behind her abduction has not been established.