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102 Kamlaris Yet to be Freed


Kailali,Mrit ghoshna gareko ek barsha hunda pani 102 jana ajhai kamlari. Kailali/June 27 Despite the government declaration of emancipation of kamlaris a year ago, 102 kamlaris in the district are yet to be freed. Joint Struggle Committee for Emancipation of Kamlari and Nepal Government had reached an agreement on June 27, 2013 to free kamlaris and their appropriate rehabilitation. The Nepal government had declared western Tarai Kamlari free on July 18, 2013. The district administration office Kailali had made public name of girl being kept as kamlari, her address and name of house owner keeping Kamlari and asked the house owner to present themselves with kamlari at the DAO since January 23, 2014. Administrative officer at DAO Chiranjibi Ghimire informed that though the DAO had rescued 127 kamlaris since January, 102 kamlaris were yet to be freed. The DAO made public the names of 229 names of kamlaris, their address and house owner on January 27 and April 22 this year. It also wrote a letter to the house owners. Ghimire said that preparations were taking place to rescue the 102 kamlaris since the house owners neglected the letter sent by the DAO. Kamlaris are girls used as bonded laborers, practiced in western parts of the country.


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