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Landless musahars get land ownership certificate


Madhes, Mahottari, Bardibas

 A team of Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Land Survey Department, Land Survey Office, Mahottari has distributed land ownership certificates to 95 Musahars living as squatters in ward no. 2 and 3 of Bardibas Municipality. One of the beneficiaries, Laxmi Sada, had been living on the same plot for over 40 years as squatters. On February 25, he received the certificate making him a proud owner of 1 kattha 8 dhurs (3827.25 sq ft) of land worth over Rs 2.8 million “The government understood our plight even after a long time. I am very happy today”, Laxmi said. Another beneficiary, Sanechari said she was delighted to get the document with her name and her photo. Land Survey, Mahottari provided them with the land for a fee of Rs 30. Aja