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Earthquake of less than 6 richter not fatal: Experts


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Ward 10

 Although the aftershocks following the April 25 earthquake are continuous, the experts have said the tremors measuring below six Richter scale would not be that fatal. The tremors compared to the previous days are occurring on widening gaps.

On Wednesday, six tremors were recorded while the number was 13 on Tuesday, which shows a declining number of aftershocks. Expert on seismology, Dilliram Tiwari, said the minor tremors after the big quake are normal, so it was not good to remain much worried.

Meanwhile, the National Seismological Centre, a tremor of 4.7 magnitudes was recorded at 6:22 am having epicenter in Dhading district this morning. Earlier, a 4.4 Richter scale tremor occurred at 11:00 pm having epicenter in Gorkha last night. With the latest in court, the Centre has recorded more than 107 tremors over the four Richter scale. Chief of the Centre, Lok Bijay Regmi, also reiterated that the aftershocks can be continued for long as up to four months. As the aftershocks are minor, there was no point in panicking too much. The lessening frequency of tremor indicates that the quake is fizzling out, he added.