Incident Reports

One person arrested for Black-marketing in Kathmandu


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kirtipur

The Metropolitan Police Crime Division on Thursday arrested Dinesh Maharjan (29) of Kirtipur for allegedly black-marketing diesel. According to the MPCD, he was selling diesel for Rs 140 per liter. Police have also confiscated 1,100 liters of petrol from him. According to SSP Sarvendra Khanal of the Metropolitan Crime Investigation Branch, the accused Maharjan has been blackmailing petrol by constructing tanks in an area of ​​18 acres. According to him, Maharjan, who is also the operator of RJ Suppliers, has been taking advantage of the blockade to blackmail diesel and petrol. He said that the accused Maharjan used to sell petrol for Rs 140 even though the blockade was lifted. Police have also confiscated 1,100 liters of petrol from him.

Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Onesided / Twosided Onesided
Collective / Interpersonal Interpersonal
Primary Form Black Marketing
Weapons None
Primary Cause Issues related to commodity availability, prices, and subsidies
Actor 1 - Number of people 1
Actor 1 - Affiliations Private company
Actor 1 - Youth na
Actor 2 - Number of people n/a
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Citizen/Individuals
Actor 2 - Youth na
National/Online Media