Incident Reports

Limbuwan's banda affects life in Jhapa


Province 1, Jhapa, Bhadrapur

Normal life in Jhapa remained affected today due to a general shutdown (banda) enforced by the Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal, protesting over the constitution amendment proposal. Vehicles en-route to both long and short routes have remained off the road. However, motorcycles, milk containers, vehicles operating for emergency purposes including ambulance, those belonging to press and carrying vegetables are allowed to operate freely. The party has said that it is positive towards the call of civil society and human rights activists to keep the academic institutes free from the impact of banda. The party has decried the proposal to disintegrate the province no 5 in the amendment bill. RSS संघीय लिम्बुवान पार्टी नेपालले अरुण पूर्वका नौ जिल्ला लिम्बुवान सुनिश्चितताको माग गर्दै बिहीबार पूर्वमा बन्द गराएको छ । सञ्जुहाङ पालुङवा नेतृत्वको पार्टीले हिमाल, पहाड र तराईलाई अलग्याउन नहुने, झापा, मोरङ, सुनसरीलाई तराईमा समावेश गर्ने विषयको बहस बन्द गर्नुपर्ने लगायतका माग गर्दै बन्दको आब्हान गरेको हो । बन्दले यातायात, व्यापार व्यवसाय, शैक्षिक क्षेत्रमा प्रभाव परेको छ । लिम्बुवान पार्टीले अरुण पूर्वका ताप्लेजुङ, पाँचथर, इलाम, तेह्थुम, संखुवासभा, धनकुटा, मोरङ, सुनसरी र झापालाई लिम्बुवान प्रदेश हुनुपर्ने माग गर्दै आएका छन् । संघीय लिम्बुवानको पार्टी फुटपछिको यो पहिलो बन्द हो ।
Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Onesided / Twosided Onesided
Collective / Interpersonal Collective
Primary Form Strike/Bandh
Weapons None
Primary Cause Contestation over Constitution and federal restructuring
Actor 1 - Number of people 200
Actor 1 - Affiliations Limbuwan/Khombuwan Organizations
Actor 1 - Youth unknown
Actor 2 - Number of people NA
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Other state institutions
Actor 2 - Youth na
National/Online Media


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