Incident Reports

Woman kills mother-in-law


Karnali, Jajarkot, Bheri, Ward 1

A middle-aged woman has reportedly died after being attacked by her daughter-in-law in Jajarkot. 27-year-old Bhawani Rana of Bheri municipality-1 Rimna allegedly hit her mother-in-law with a beer bottle during a dispute over selling of water mill, killing the victim. Police have arrested Bhawani and her father-in-law for investigation. भेरी नगरपालिका १ रिम्नामा एक बुहारीले बियरको बोत्तलले हिर्काउर सासूको हत्या गरेकी छन् । रिम्नाकी २७ बर्षीया भवानी रानाले ४५ वर्षीया सासू लाई कन्चटमा हिर्काएर हत्या गरेकी हुन् । घट्ट बेचेको रकमको विषयलाई लिएर सासूबुहारीबीच विवाद भएको थियो । विवादका क्रममा भवानीले बियरको बोत्तलले कन्चटमा हानेर सासूको हत्या गरेको प्रहरी निरीक्षक रमेश अवस्थीले बताए । हत्यामा संग्लग्न भएको आरोपमा भवानी र मृतकका पति दुधबहादुरलाई नियन्त्रणमा लिएको उनले बताए । update........................................ The District Court has sentenced daughter in-law to life imprisonment with confiscation of property on charge of murdering her mother in-law in Jajarkot district recently. Earlier, Punikala Rana had confessed her crime at the district court. A single bench of Justice Dev Kumar Giri had announced the verdict on Thursday. The court convicted 27-year-old Bhawani Rana of Bheri Municipality-1 accused of killing her mother in-law 56-year-old Punikala Rana in a minor dispute on November 10. Bhawani had thrashed her mother in-law before she did not receive her share of six thousand rupees after selling a water mill. Earlier, police had filed a murder case against Punikala Rana accusing her of murdering mother in-law with a beer bottle. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Vabesh Rimal, the incident occurred after Punikala failed to control her temper before thrashing her mother in-law to death. “Me and mother in-law were at home, we consumed home made liquor before our dinner and had conversation while sitting around fire. I asked her to give me some money after selling water mill, however, she rebuked at me.” Punikala said. “In-a-fit-of-rage I hit on her head with a beer bottle on that fateful day as my husband was away,” Punikala shared. Meanwhile, Punikala Rana’s one-year-old son is along with her.
Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Violent
Onesided / Twosided Onesided
Collective / Interpersonal Interpersonal
Primary Form Murder/attempted Murder
Weapons Blunt weapon
Primary Cause Domestic violence
Actor 1 - Number of people 1
Actor 1 - Affiliations Family/relative
Actor 1 - Youth noyouth
Actor 2 - Number of people 1
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Family/relative
Actor 2 - Youth noyouth
Total Killed 1
Female Killed 1
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