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More Dalit women becoming victims of sexual violence



Cases of sexual abuse against women and girls from Dalit community are on the rise, according to a report.

A report released by Dalit Women Association, which collected data from National Human Rights Commission, National Women Commission and Central Police Office, shows that the number of cases of sexual violence against Dalit women tops the list in the country.

Dalit Women Association made the report public amidst a programme here today.

As many as 629 rape cases were filed in the last 10 months. In 155 rape cases, the victims were Dalit women or girls. Of them Seven Dalit women, including a teenager and a girl below 10 years of age, were raped and murdered. Spokesperson for Central Police SSP Uttam Raj Subedi said that in most of the cases of violence against women, the victims were women and girls from poor families.

Of the total rape cases, 24 have been filed in Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, the report shows that the number of Dalit women and girls facing other forms of violence is decreasing.