Incident Reports

Locals picketed ward office against consumers committee in Kanchanpur


Sudurpashchim, Kanchanpur, Krishnapur, Ward 8

Locals picketed the ward office of Krishnapur Municipality-8 on July 20 alleging that fake consumer committees have been formed in most of the wards of Krishnapur municipality while implementing development plans at the end of the fiscal year and there have been financial irregularities regarding payments. 

This problem is more prevalent in wards 7, 8, and has been observed that small development projects which cost millions of rupees are completed on a small budget by the people's representative and technical staff and a large amount is being misused. Locals have also added that the state treasury is being misused by appointing one person who is close to the people's representative as the chairperson of the consumer committee for 4-5 development projects at the end of the fiscal year.

Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Primary Form Gherau/Dharna (sit-in)/padlocking
Primary Cause Access/control of development infrastructure (roads, bridges)
Secondary Cause Issues related to corruption (other than tenders)
Actor 1 - Number of people n/a
Actor 1 - Affiliations Protesters/demonstrators
Actor 1 - Youth na
Actor 2 - Number of people n/a
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Local authorities (incl VDC, district, gov. line agencies at local level except education and health)
Actor 2 - Youth na
National/Online Media