Incident Reports

Kanchanpur's ward-chairman protested against a construction company excavating soil in the community forest


Province 7, Kanchanpur, Krishnapur, Ward 9

Locals, including ward chairperson Chhatra Mahara, are protesting the delay in the construction of a motorable bridge between Dhangadhi and Kanchanpur's Rajghat, as well as the authorization given to Allied Adventure JV to dig the soil. The construction company was allowed to dig the soil by the Sita Community Forest of Krishnapur Municipality Ward No. 9 in Kanchanpur. An excavator was used to dig the soil, which was then hauled away in a tipper by the construction company.

Chairman Mahara has stated that giving soil to a company that delayed bridge construction by damaging the forest is unethical. He claims that while the construction company will receive funding from the government to purchase the soil, the forest's decision to give it away for free cannot be allowed.

The residents of Rajghat and the surrounding areas have suffered greatly as a result of the delay in the construction of the bridge over the Mohana River. Kailash Blair, a Rajghat resident, has rebutted ward chairperson Mahara's comment that a bridge should be built quickly for the community's benefit in case of crossing the river during the rainy season and other times.

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