Incident Reports

People of Badi Community in Kailali deprived of citizenship


Sudurpashchim, Kailali, Tikapur, Ward 8

People of Badi community living in Tikapur Municipality-8 Satti Suryapur have been deprived of citizenship due to the administration's refusal to grant citizenship for various reasons. In a directive order issued by the Supreme Court to the government on 15 September 2005, all the children of the Badi community including the fatherless children should not refuse to register their birth and immediately grant citizenship to such persons as per sub-section 4 of section 3 Citizenship is asked to be granted.

Local Man Kumari Badi, claimed that the children living in Dolakha from  2007, coming from Terai, whose fathers are unidentified had been denied of citizenship. Krishni Nepali, a leader of the Badi community, claaimed that the ward office, municipality, and area administration office in Dhauda could not get the citizenship of his 19-year-old son even after taking a loan for seven days. Ankit Nepali said that the children of the Badi community who have obtained higher education have not been able to get employment in private companies, government offices and organizations due to lack of citizenship. 

Radha Nepali, a local, has alleged that she had to endure various abuses and violence from the administration staff as she did not have a husband when she went to get citizenship for her children. Uma Badi, a member of the Far-Western Provincial Assembly, said that the government has not implemented its commitment despite holding phased talks with the government through various agitations across the country for the rights of the Badi community.

Despite the provision in Article 11 (5) of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS that the citizenship of Nepal will be granted on the basis of descent to a person who was born in Nepal and is still in Nepal and cannot identify his father, the children of Badi community have not been able to get citizenship.

Chief of Tikapur Municipality Tapendra Rawal said that the recommendation for citizenship could not be made due to lack of necessary documents for the recommendation of Nepali citizenship. Kiran Thapa, Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office, Kailali, said that although the constitution states that Nepali citizenship will be granted in the name of the mother, there is confusion in granting Nepali citizenship to such children due to lack of name and the address of the father.