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Incidents of rape from acquaintances increasing in Kathmandu


Lately, incidents of rape by acquaintances have been on the rise. Similarly, the incidence of rape is increasing in the Kathmandu Valley during the Corona pandemic. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, Kathmandu, the number of cases of getting acquainted through social media is increasing.

Case No. 1: Rape incident at a restaurant in Kalimati while teaching music

Rita ( changed name), loved music. She met the 22-year-old man, who has been working in the music industry for a long time, through social media. The men had released Rita's song albums. At the same time, they also met with acquaintances. One evening, a man called Rita to write a song and send it. Rita lived with her sister in a rented room in Koteshwar. That same day, Rita informed her sister and went to see the man. At 6:30 am, Rita reached the restaurant in Kalimati where the man was.

She was forcibly taken inside the room. After that, the man repeatedly raped Rita. The man continued to perform rituals on Rita till 10 pm. In the process, Rita screamed and did everything she could. But his voice echoed inside the room. When Rita threatened to kill herself, the man let her go. The man is currently in custody.

Case No. 2: A 16-year-old girl is held hostage and  is repeatedly raped

A 16-year-old girl was kept hostage and repeatedly raped. After getting acquainted through social media, the accused gave her false marriage promises. In Kathmandu Ward No. 32, Gauri village, a man had invited the girl to meet him. The victim has mentioned in the complaint that the man had taken the girl hostage in the room and raped her several times for three and a half months. He did not even let the girl take the phone and beat the girl, injuring her head and face. After the beating, the girl secretly called her mother and informed her about the incident. The mother has lodged a complaint at the police officer. The man was arrested by the police after the complaint was registered. The case is currently registered in a Kathmandu court. An investigation into the incident is underway.

Case no. 3 minors kept hostage and raped by two men: Complaint registered with the help of the landlord

After the father remarried, the mother left the girl at an early age. She was forced to leave the house after daily beatings and harassment from her stepmother. She had left home to work and study on her own. But nothing happened as she thought. In search of work, a 36-year-old relative from his village brings her to Kathmandu to be hired for a job. The man takes her to a friend's room.

The girl was taken to Kathmandu Ward No. 9 Sinamangal. On the same day, a friend of his called relative repeatedly raped the girl. Even when he cries and screams, he does it again and again. Her condition was critical when the girl left the room. Her unkempt hair, her eyes full of tears and dry tears could tell that she was not feeling well. At the same time, when the landlord sees her condition and interrogates the girl, she gets information about the incident. Police said that they were searching for him. The incident took place only two months ago. 

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