Incident Reports

Freed Kamaiyaas get land certificate but not land


Lumbini, Bardiya, Barbardiya

The Freed Kamaiyaas residing in Bardiya have received land-certificates. However, they have not been able to use the land. According to Kaamasu Sustainable Development Society, Bardiya, 16,262 families of Freed Kamaiyaas received land titles but still, 1,900 of them have not received land. Although 2000 Freed Kamaiyaas were provided land at the expense of government, they do not even know where their land is. The freed Kamaiyaas are in a miserable condition because they are not able to use the land that was provided for residential and livelihood purposes. In some of the places, the land given to the Freed Kamaiyaas is being used by others whereas, in other places, the land is not fit for cultivation and eroded by a river. Some Freed Kamaiyaas have been provided land certificate but they have not been shown where their land is.