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EU, European missions in Nepal concerned over obstruction in supplies


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

The European diplomats in Nepal on Tuesday expressed their concerns over the obstruction in supplies to Nepal and said they would support and encourage for efforts to resolve the current difficulties affecting the supply and distribution of humanitarian supplies in the country, particularly of goods urgently needed for the adaptation of temporary shelters to the coming winter.

Issuing a statement, the European Union delegation, the Heads of Mission of Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland said that the ongoing chaos in Nepal has badly affected the poorest segments of the population, including in Tarai.

The lack of basic goods is taking a heavy toll on the economy of Nepal, where recent earthquakes have pushed an additional 3.5 per cent of the population under the poverty line, according to the estimates of the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment, the statement said.

The foreign diplomats expressed their hope for a prompt solution to this situation. “The ongoing talks represent a unique opportunity to make progress in this direction and the Heads of Mission encourage all involved to take advantage of it in a spirit of responsibility and compromise,” it added.