Incident Reports

Two arrested for making weapons


Karnali, Rukum West, Musikot

Police made pubic 20-year-old Prem Kumar Roka and 46-year-old Man Singh Pun of Chhiwang VDC, who were arrested for making guns, at a press meet in District Police Office, Rukum, today. Police said they raided a house belonging to Roka and arrested the duo yesterday. They seized a gun, some bullets and other materials used for making guns. DSP Rupesh Khadka of DPO said the investigation into the case was underway. It is said security was tightened in the villages after police received information that some villagers were making weapons and illegally selling them.

Meanwhile, Pun said in the press meet that he had found the gun hidden inside a cave near the village and had taken it. “I do not know the legal process, but I took the weapon to chase away wild animals,” he added. It is said police have begun a search operation in the district to take illegal weapons under control. It has also been reported that locals used the gun to chase away wild animals and fire it during weddings and any other ceremonies. Earlier, the government had notified the public to submit illegal weapons, but only a few locals had submitted them.

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