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PDCC submits its report


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Ward 28

Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (PDCC) has submitted its report at the Constituent Assembly (CA) on January 13. The report was presented by a senior-most member of the (PDCC) Surya Bahadur Thapa, in absence of UCPN (Maoist) CA member and committee Chairman Baburam Bhattarai. The PDCC had decided on January 12 to submit the early report inserting 'no resolution on the issues of disagreements'. The CA had entrusted the PDCC, as per Rule no. 65, sub-rules 11 and 12 of CA Regulation, to resolve the contentious issues. The parties are yet to agree on the state restructuring, system of governance, the judicial system, citizenship, and election system among others. The PDCC was given a deadline for the fifth time to resolve the issues by January 12 and submit the report to the CA on January 13. The next meeting of the CA is scheduled to take place on Jan 15. 


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