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Unpaid, Babai levee workers warn of strike


Lumbini, Bardiya, Gulariya

Water Induced Disaster Control Office in Bardiya has not paid the workers involved in the embankment project in three months May 31, 2016- Workers have threatened to halt the embankment construction at Panditpur in Bardiya, saying that the Water Induced Disaster Control Office (Widco) in the district has not paid them for the last three months. Sanjaya Mallaha, one of the workers, on Monday said that they would go on a protest if they are not immediately paid. “We cannot go on working without wages. We’ve got mouths to feed,” he said.

Another worker Anita Chaudhary said going on strike is their only resort since they have already waited for three months. Widco had commissioned the Rs 30 million embankment project to stop Babai River from eroding the nearby farms and human settlements. About three dozen workers were hired for the undertaking. “We’ve reached the last phase of the project, but now the workers have refused to continue working. Besides the worker's protest, we “are also under pressure to pay for the construction materials that were purchased in credit,” said Anil KC, the project contractor. Hari Prasad Chaudhary, the Widco engineer, said the payment of salary was being delayed because the centre has not released the fund yet. “We have requested the workers to wait for a week,” he said.


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