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Why incest is increasing in Nepal?


Incidents of rape have been on the rise in Nepal recently and even teenagers are not safe. Due to the fear of loss of family's pride, those kinds of heinous acts are not made public. Daman Sarki, a 60-year-old father was arrested on the charge of raping his own teenage daughter for one year in Parbat, 6 months ago. The victim herself lodged the complaint after she was unable to tolerate his father's sexual abuse, even though her mother pressured her not to disclose the monstrous act of her father to save the pride of their family.  

Similarly, in a family in Kathmandu, under the pretext of love, the father repeatedly started touching his daughter's private parts. About a month and a half later, the daughter told her mother what had happened, but the man started threatening. On the contrary, he even started pressuring his wife to send his daughter to the room to have sex. The mother could not bring this incident to light for fear of losing her dignity in society. And when the daughter began to cry, the mother took her to a psychotherapy centre in Tinkune. The victim, who was sexually abused by her father, is currently preparing to go abroad to study after a long period of psychotherapy. Are the daughters safe inside the house because of such inhumane acts? The question continues to arise.

It has been found that not only the father but also other family members were involved in targeting minors and teenagers in incest. According to Basanta Kunwar, SSP and spokesperson of Nepal Police, grandfather, father and father-in-law, uncle, brother-in-law etc are also involved in incest. According to the Nepal Police, the incidence of incest has increased comparatively in recent times. According to the police, 169 people were involved in incest in the fiscal year 075/076 BS. In the fiscal year 076/077, 190 cases were registered in incest. Similarly, 323 people of incest were involved in the fiscal year 077/078 BS. Likewise, 29 cases of incest were registered in Kathmandu Valley in the fiscal year 075/076 BS. There were 25 cases in FY 076/07 and 26 cases in FY 077/078. There have been six such cases till August of the current fiscal year.

Only after a long period of suffering due to incest, the parents or the victim reach the National Women's Commission with a complaint. In some cases, incest is done to fulfil the sexual arousal inside a man and even if the family hides it knowingly, the daughter, daughter-in-law, mother and grandmother also suffer along with the young girl. The law of Nepal has made incest a crime.

Children need to be taught from an early age about forced incest and acts committed by members of the household. Krishna Kumari Khatiwada Poudel, a member of the National Commission for Women, said that children should be informed about child sexual abuse from home and school.  He said that if there is any indication of rape and incets, it is necessary to retaliate immediately. She said that the government at all three levels should take initiative to spread public awareness in all parts of the country by making programs on rape and incest.

-Children should be told not to go if someone tries to take them unnaturally alone

-Explain that you should not eat food given to you by strangers

-Explain that children should be reprimanded and parents should be informed if any member of the household or anyone touches or touches the sexual organs and chest, kisses repeatedly under the pretext of love.

-If you show obscene images by speaking, writing, symbolic or electronic means of any kind of vulgarity, you should immediately tell the headmaster, miss and other members of the school at home.

-It is necessary to remind not only the children but also all the members of the household, including the teenage children, to take action against the forcible acts.

According to police spokesperson SSP Kunwar, more children are being harassed by grandparents, fathers, mothers and close relatives under the pretext of caring for and loving young children. He said that more complaints of such incidents come from urban areas than from rural areas.

According to psychoanalyst Basu Acharya, incest is done by some people while others are forced to accept it. Psychologist Acharya says that people with a distorted mentality who do not think of anything but happiness after deeds, ignoring relationships, family and dignity, are involved in such incidents. 

According to the National Criminal Code, 2074 BS, if there is any incident of rape and sexual abuse between the mother and the child, or between the father and the child, the punishment will be life imprisonment. Similarly, imprisonment for four years to ten years and a fine of Rs. 40,000 to Rs.1,00,000. 

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