Incident Reports

53 girl children and women became victims of rape in Baridya in 2021


The statics presented by INSEC-Bardiya in a consultation meeting before finalizing Nepal Human Rights Year Book showed that 53 women and girl children were victims of rape over a year from January to December in Bardiya. As per the statistics, 35 minors and 18 women above 18 years became the victim of rape or attempted rape over the year-long period. This is an increment from last year, where 26 minors and 15 women were victims of rape. 

The INSEC district representative Man Bahadur Chaudhary presented the statistics about the incidents related to human rights that occurred in Bardiya from January to December in 2021. He presented reports of 82 cases of human rights violation in Bardiya that included 3 cases of abuse against women, 3 cases of child marriage, 14 cases of polygamy, 3 cases of untouchability, 3 cases of witchcraft, 2 cases of forceful suicide, and a case of abduction of a girl child. Last year, in 2020 INSEC report showed 70 cases of  Human rights violations in Bardiya.

INSEC has been monitoring and documenting human rights violations in all the districts of Nepal for the last 27 years and publishing the findings through Nepal Human Rights Year Book every year. The participants of the consultation program suggested the INSEC, also to find, document, and monitor the cases that are not included in police reports. The participants stressed the tendency of society to hide and reconcile the heinous crime within the society. 

Speaking in the meeting, the chief district officer Santa Bahadur Sunar highlighted the role of government in the protection of Human Rights and mentioned human rights as a primary consideration in fulfilling its responsibilities by the government.