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Thousands of Nepalis work illegally in Afghanistan


AFGHANISmTAN, Hajarau nepali kaamdar haru gairkanuni rup ma Afghanistan. Despite government ban on Nepalis from seeking employment in Afghanistan , a large number of Nepali migrants have been working in the war-torn country. According to a recent information provided by Afghanistan ’s Foreign Minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani, there are 5,000 recorded Nepali migrants in Afghanistan . However, Bharat Oli, a Nepali migrant from Jhapa who works at a security base camp in Bagram, said that more than half of the 5,000 Nepalis working in his camp lack necessary documents like visas and work permits. He said that they are used to working in the country illegally. Talking about their illegal entry to Afghanistan , he said that they first fly to Dubai and from there fly to Afghanistan on aircraft chartered by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). This way, Oli said, the undocumented migrants are directly dropped at security base camps. Each migrant pay up to Rs 200,000 to reach Afghanistan from Kathmandu. Prakash KC of Butwal, who works at Green Village Hospitality as security manager, said the number of Nepalis getting legal status in Afghanistan is less than half of total number of Nepali migrants in the country. Although the Nepal government has been notified about the situation, KC said, the problem remains unaddressed. It has been learnt that more than 200 Nepalis are working in various cities in Afghanistan like Kabul, Bagram, Kandahar and Bamiyan in offices of the United Nations and INGOs. Nepali Ambassador to Pakistan Bharat Poudel said whenever the embassy officials visit Kabul, they make a point of visiting Nepali migrants at their offices. The Nepali embassy in Pakistan looks after the affairs of Afghanistan . Meanwhile, Nepali migrants have expressed concerns over Nepal government’s move to ban Nepalis from taking up jobs in Afghanistan . Krishna Bista, who works as a manager at BNS Central Store at a security base camp, said the government should carry out a rigorous study on security situation and job opportunities in Afghanistan before taking such decision. He claimed that reports about deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan were baseless. Sujit Poudel, who has been working at the treasury department of Finance Ministry in Afghanistan , criticised the Nepal government for undermining the skills of Nepali people. Nepal should not ban its skilled manpower from working in Afghanistan in the name of security, he said.


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