Incident Reports

Negligence in surgery


Province 2, Mahottari, Jaleswor

 The doctors in working in family planning camp at MCH run by District Health Office, Mahottari are found to be negligent of the patients’ health. It was noted that the doctors were just rinsing medical gloves with plain water and other tools without sterilization for reuse on other patients. The Health Regulations bar use of surgical tools for the second time. The doctors say that they are forced to use the medical gloves repeatedly as the pieces made available by the government is insufficient to cope with the large number of patients, opting for permanent family planning. Though targeted for both men and women, there are only women coming to get the service since the camp began on December 30, 2014. The negligence has also extended to other facilities including resting place. There are no seats for the patients forcing them to stay in the open outside the building. When asked that even the temporary camps conducted outside the district headquarters have ensure that the patients are protected in tents, why they had not been able to manage seats, DHO chief Ram Parikshan Yadav replied that the women were not forced by anyone to stay there. He added that they had stocked antibiotic to ensure they would not get any infection. The family planning Camp’s focal person Bijay Kumar Yadav said that so far 800 women had tubal ligation and every day nearly 50 women were operated. No man has so far come to get the service. The patients complain that the medicines distributed are substandard, the place was unhygienic, the operated women were forced to lie on cold floor and that they were getting infected due to poor hygiene outside the operation theater.