Incident Reports

Tharuhat/Tharuwan apologizes for past general strikes in Dang


Lumbini, Dang, Tulsipur

Tharuhat/Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee called off its protest plans in Dang assuring that the committee will only organize mass gathering and mass awareness programs from now on. Releasing a press statement on Monday, spokesperson of the committee Prakash Kumar Chaudhary said that transport, market, governmental and non-governmental offices will come into operation as usual from 5 pm today. The committee, which had been imposing general strike, had concentrated its protest programs on highways and major roads. The committee has also asked for forgiveness for all the inconveniences faced by the general public due to its general strike. The committee has been organizing staging protests demanding a separate Tharu state, among others, in the constitution. 


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