Incident Reports

Conflict era rape victims lodged complaint at TRC


Lumbini, Dang, Tulsipur

In Dang District, a total of six incidents of rape during the conflict era were lodged at TRC on June 29 according to the Local Peace Committee. Four rape victims from a state actor and two from rebels have lodged a complaint according to secretary Hem Raj Adhikari of Local Peace Committee. “There are some confidential complaints lodged as well. We do not know what complaint it is about however six of the victims openly lodged a complaint of rape”- said Adhikari. From state actor, former Nepal army personnel had committed gang rape on four women in custody in different occasion according to the committee. Similarly, the complaint stated that former Maoist rebels raped women by entering into their home while asking for shelter, said the committee. The victims had lodged a complaint through Peace Committee according to coordinator Naresh Jung Rana of peace committee Dang. In the dang district, there were a total of 1124 complaints lodged at TRC and 118 complaints were lodged at CIED according to the Local Peace Committee.