Incident Reports

'Feels like they're still coming'


Lumbini, Dang, Ghorahi

Ram Prasad Chaudhary of Ghorahi 2 Pachurkha thinks that his daughter Ramkali is still returning. The 26-year-old daughter, who went to the district hospital in Ghorahi for treatment on April 19, 2009, was taken under the control of the security forces. Ram Prasad, who went to look for his daughter, was detained for two days. But he could not find his daughter. I have searched so far but I did not find her. On the contrary, I was tortured during the search, 'he said.' I have lodged a complaint with the commission. There is hope that something will be found. There will be hope until the body is found. 'While celebrating World Disappearance Day on Tuesday, Ram Prasad and his wife Tulsa were saddened by the loss of their daughter.  Somewhere back after many years, we hear of events, 'she said,' I think my daughter also comes to Tuplukka from somewhere. The flash continues. 'Of the four arrested along with Ram Kali, three others were released. But she could not return. Though not active in direct politics, Ramkali, who was married to the then Maoist people's government chief Indrajit Tharu, could not escape after falling into the trap of the security forces. Birju Chaudhary, 23, of Pachurkha could not return home as he went to Ghorahi district headquarters on wages. Chaudhary, who went missing was not found anywhere. Mrs. Krishna, father Labaru, and mother Jiuni Birju went in search of many. "We searched all over the river and forest to find the body, but nothing was found," said Krishna. 'Father Labaru is also suffering from anxiety. Daughter Parvati also could not fulfill her desire to play in her father's arms. After losing his father in childhood, his child's brain has been badly affected. Parvati, who is studying in class 9, said, "Why is it that there is such an injustice? Why is there such injustice? Innocent people can be punished in this way and Rs." According to INSEC, 72 people have gone missing in Dang. The local peace committee recommended 113 people to the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction for relief. At present, 129 complaints have been lodged with the Commission for Investigation of Disappearances, according to the Peace Committee.

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