Incident Reports

Conflict victims despondent with the work of the commission


Lumbini, Bardiya, Gulariya

The families of the conflict victims have said that they are not satisfied with the pattern of work the CIEDP is doing. While speaking at the program in Gulariya on August 30 to mark 34th International Disappearance day, the family members showed their frustration over the working pattern of the commission. They further complained that the commission has failed to fulfil the responsibility from the beginning and recently it is doing nothing. Conflict victim Rabina Chaudhary of Rajapur Municipality-11 said,” The commission had said that it will deliver justice and provide reparation after publicizing the facts by investigating within the village, but where is the commission?, nothing has happened till now and this has frustrated us”. The participants of the program accused state of trying to put them aside by giving one million as a relief.

Speaking at the program advocate Govinda Bandi said that the time has come to evaluate the work of the commission and stressed on expediting the work of the commission. He further said that if the commission is not able to perform its work, the next option must be chosen. Chairperson Bhagi Ram Chaudhary of conflict victim committee of Bardiya said that the committee will move forward with planning by evaluating the work of the commission and receiving the recommendation of the stakeholders at the same time. There have been 266 complaints lodged from Bardiya district at CIEDP. The program was organized by conflict victims society, INSEC, Civil Network Society, ICTJ, Nepal Red Cross, Bardiya Bar Association, Karmashil Nepal etc. A rally was also organized in Guleriya to mark the International Disappearance Day.