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Health Condition of Adhikari Couple Deteriorating


Lalitpur,dwand pidit adhikari dampatti swasthsthiti gambhir, adhikarkarmi tatha aayogdwara chaso. Lalitpur/August 6 The health condition of Nanda Prasad Adhikari and his wife Ganga Maya of Phujel VDC-7, Gorkha has been deteriorating each day, the health staff at Bir Hospital informed. The couple has been on strike since February 3 at different places in Gorkha and Kathmandu demanding investigation into the murder of younger son Krishna Prasad Adhikari in Chitwan. The Adhikaris were forcefully admitted to Bir Hospital from where they were holding sit-in. Informal talk with Bir Hospital’s health staffs, condition of Nanda Prasad is becoming serious. His blood pressure is very low and if not treated on time, it might become critical”, they informed. The human rights activists visiting the couple at the hospital demanded legal action against the people accused of murdering Krishna, who was killed on 2004. The Adhikaris say they are ready to die if they don’t feel getting any justice. They are having only water for the last 14 days. Meanwhile, NHRC has expressed concern over the condition of the Adhikaris. In a discussion held at NHRC on August 6, Chairperson Kedarnath Upadhyaya said that he would summon Home Minister on August 7 to talk about the case. NHRC’s Uma Joshi said that the government was creating confusion among the people by saying that it was withdrawing the case of killing of Krishna Adhikari while it has not even been registered by the police. Office of the Attorney General has written to police instructing them not to proceed with investigation in the case. “How could a case, not even reached to court be withdrawn? she wondered. Ramesh Pr