Incident Reports

CIEDP begins investigation


The commission formed for the investigation of enforced disappearance of people during the armed conflict has started its investigation process from November 18.

The commission has established four offices in the district and begun its investigation according to the member Bijul B.K of the commission.

The office has already begun the investigation and in a first day they met with five families of victims according to office chief Bishnu Prasad Acharya of newly established office in Bansgadhi.

According to the information received from the commission, offices at Bhuri Gaun, Rajpur, Guleriya has been established on November 18.

From Bardiya, 288 complaints were lodged at CIEDP from the victim’s family. On 255 complaints, the commission has initiated the investigation by directly meeting with the victim’s family members.

During the armed conflict, the majority of enforced disappearance was from this district. According to the data of local peace committee, during the armed conflict, 269 people were disappeared from state and former rebels.