Incident Reports

Accused in Conflict-related Killing Acquitted


Bagmati, Kabhrepalanchok, Chaurideurali

Kavre, Shashastra dwandko ghatnama purpaksh raheka kakrkilaai safai. The Kavre District Court, on December 23, has acquitted Kaji Bahadur Karki who was held in custody since September 17, 2010 for investigation over the killing of Reena Rasaili, 17, of Raikartol in Pokharichauri VDC-4. Karki was arrested on charge of shooting Reena dead for allegedly being Maoist on February 13, 2004. A Nepali army man, Karki had left the country following death threats from Maoists. Though he was placed in the list of deserter by army, Nepal police had arrested him from Pokhara when he had returned to his house. A resident of Kristinachnechaur VDC-1 in Kaski, Karki was held in custody for investigation over murder charge since September 19, 2010. A single division bench of District Court Judge Gopal Prasad Bastola ordered to release him citing lack of evidences. Though the accused's side had registered a habeas corpus case in Supreme Court on February 24, 2011 saying that he was held in illegal detention, the apex court had upheld the District Court decision. According to Karki, he was dragged into the case for leaving the job. The then Chief Justice Anup Raj Sharma had ordered the concerned stakeholders in the district to take necessary steps forward responding to the petition filed by the victim's family over stalled investigation of the case. Father of the victim Karna Bahadur Rasaili registered a complaint at the District Police Office Kavre on May 25, 2006 accusing army men, including the then Lieutenant of the no. 9 bahini Bhakunde of Nepal Army of killing his daughter after rape.