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Home Minister Says No Action against Krishna Prasad’s Killers In Want of Evidence


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

Kathmandu,paryapt praman ko abhavma Krishna prasad ko hatyamaathi karyavahi nabhayeko grihamantri ko bhanai. Kathmandu/September 28 Home Minister Bamdev Gautam, in a reply to Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Parliament-Legislature, has said that no action could be taken against the accused of the killing of Krishna Prasad due to lack of sufficient incriminating evidence. Gautam added that because of that, the government could not meet the demand of Nanda Prasad Adhikar leading to his death amidst his hunger strike on September 22. Saying that the government was eager to try the accused killers of Krishna Prasad Addhikari of Phujel VDC-7, Gorkha, Minister Gautam said Nanda Prasad died because the state could not bring the accuse to court on the flimsy evidence. According to him, one of the accused killers died during the conflict and that it was learnt that another accused Rudra Acharya was residing in the UK but the government could not press any criminal charges against him as there was not enough incriminating documents. He further said that the other accused had to be released for the same reason. “The government repeatedly tried break their hunger strike but the victim family kept on topping new demands over the old ones and in the last communication, the family asked for two billion rupees”, Gautam informed adding the government had told the family that the government could not afford demanded amount of money.