Incident Reports

Conflict Victim Complains Lack of Relief


Bagmati, Rasuwa, Naukunda

Rasuwa, Rahat napaeko gunaso. Suku Bahdur Tamang, 50, of Yarsa VDC-1 has complained that he has no6 yet received relief amount. Tamang, who was subjected to physical and mental torture after arrested on charge on being Maoist during the conflict said that he was yet to receive the relief amount thought others had received the amount. He complained that his party UCPN-M had also neglected him. Tamnag was repeatedly arrested and tortured by Nepal Police and Army during the conflict. He was kept in Rasuwa prison for five months after arrest on February 27, 2006. He was later released after the success of the People's Movement of 2006 in the presence of journalists and INSEC representative. He has sold all his lands for treatment of physical and psychological injuries. He complained that neither the local peace committee nor the Ministry heeded to his request. Chief District Officer Uddhav Prasad Bhattarai said that Tamang's appeal had been filed and he would recommend for interim relief after learning about the status of conflict victims getting relief in the next meeting of record collection task force.