Incident Reports

Whereabouts of Disappeared Police Constable Unknown, Family Yet to Receive Relief


Gandaki, Tanahun, Bhanu

Tanahun/July 26

Family of police constable Kumar Ranabhat, who has been missing since the armed conflict, has not received relief support as his whereabouts is still unknown.


Ranabhat, of Tilahar in Bhanu2 has been missing since April 8, 2003 as he was returning to take charge after completing his home leave. His family has been deprived of any support as it is unclear which side was involved in making him disappeared.


According to his wife Bina, Kumar was deployed in Rolpa. She said that police had informed her about his disappearance as he did not reach there even 10 days after leaving home. She added that his whereabouts could not be found thought she appealed Manakaman Armed Police Battalion in Bhanu and Nepal Police to search for his whereabouts.


"We could not inform any human rights organizations or media as state of emergency was imposed during that time," she said.


She has filed an appeal at the local peace committee for relief. However, the committee has not been able to recommend her for relief support.


Secretary of the local peace committee Nilkantha Sigdel said that they could not recommend her for relief as the party involved in Kumar's disappearance has not been ascertained. He added that the committee would recommend her name to the Peace and Reconstruction Ministry once they get the police report.


Bina complained that police did not show concern even when her husband has been disappeared for a long time. She also complained that she had not received any support which police personnel disappeared during the conflict are entitled to.


Bina, who is currently working at Bhanu Women's Cooperative Organization, said that she would get relief once the government makes status of disappeared persons public.